1996: published under dementia vol.  7, no. 1, 1996    article (pdf 1203 kb)      original research article senile dementia of alzheimer type and multi-infarct dementia investigated by transcranial doppler sonography h. viagra cost Sattela, h. buy viagra without prescription Förstla, s. Biedertb a zentralinstitut für seelische gesundheit, mannheim, und b neurologische abteilung, psychiatrisches landeskrankenhaus, wiesloch, deutschland address of corresponding author dementia 1996;7:41-46 (doi: 10. 1159/000106851)    key words transcranial doppler sonography pulsatility index senile dementia of alzheimer type multi-infarct dementia    abstract dementia of the alzheimer type, senile onset (sdat), and multi-infarct dementia (mid) exhibit differences in cerebrovascular blood flow velocity profiles, which were investigated by means of transcranial doppler sonography. The pulsatility indices (pi), as angle-independent parameters of peripheral vascular resistance measured in the basal cerebral arteries, were significantly increased in mid patients with respect to sdat cases. In an analysis of the correlations between several variables and the magnitude of pi, we found strong inverse correlations of the camcog score, and strong direct correlations of the blood pressure and the duration of illness, with the pi of all basal cerebral arteries only in mid patients. viagra to buy online in australia In sdat patients, we found a direct correlation between the hachinski ischemia score and the pi of all basal cerebral arteries. viagra 10 mg tabletten All 3 ischemia scores (hachinski, rosen, loeb and gandolfo) were significantly correlated with the pi of the middle cerebral and basilar arteries. buy generic viagra on line By analyzing the correlations of the single items of the 3 different ischemia scores with the pi values obtained, we only found a clearcut correlation with the item focal neurological signs. Thus, our findings stress the relative importance of a concomitant cerebrovascular factor in the development of dementia in old age, even in patients with probable sdat. A raise of the pi in the basal cerebral arteries allows early suspicion of a cerebrovascular factor even in only slight dementia so that possible risk factors for further aggravation of this type of vascular dementia might be detected and treated early in the course of disease. what's best viagra viagra or viagra Copyright © 1996 s. Karger ag, basel    author contacts priv. -doz. buy viagra online in usa Dr. Med. S. when does viagra goes generic Biedert, neurologische abteilung, psychiatrisches landeskrankenhaus, po box 14 20 d–69155 wiesloch (germany)    article information accepted: april 5, 1995 number of print pages : 6   journal home journal content guidelines editorial board aims and scope subscriptions download citation recommend this              related articles transcranial doppler sonography as a diagnostic tool in vascular dementia exc. viagra use by young men viagra canada overnight delivery